Who is Javier Ramirez?  Below is the slowly unfolding story.  

This is a publicly created "biography" for Javier, a man who lost his identity when he lost all memory of his past in a tragic hit-and-run accident in 2011.  Read more at The Backstory.

From Tracy H. "Here's  a pic of Javier with one of his co-worker's 8-month-old twins.  They're trying to get Cam to walk.  The mother of the twins was in the background saying 'No, not yet - I can't keep up with them as it is!'"

From Johnny L.: "Javier used to have this picture up on the wall by his dishwashing station.  Maybe he needs it by his bed in the rehab center now."

This was emailed in by Lucas : "I don't have any photos of Javier, but here's a pic I took with my phone of the orangutans at the San Diego Zoo. Javier and I snuck in through the employee gate in back. Since there are a lot of Latinos who work in maintenance there I guess no one noticed us. We had a great time. My favorite were the polar bears, but Javier liked the orangutans and the way they did shoulder-rolls as a way to get around."

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